RPA is the fastest-growing software subsegment officially tracked by Gartner as of July 2019. Most of our Fortune 100 clients have also acknowledged the need for RPA as a part of their Broader Digital Transformations. We've helped them pilot RPA activity and achieve scale in order to improve operational efficiency and integrate legacy systems with new enterprise applications and digital business.

We provide support through the initial assessment phase (CoE framework, governance, technology) through to implementation and support. We understand that talent in many regions can be scarce, inexperienced and/or expensive. We have services that solve those challenges.

For 30 years, Real Soft Inc. has partnered with Fortune 100 clients in order to solve important business problems and implement technical solutions to drive value across the organization.
Experienced RPA and Intelligent Automation talent is in short supply in most markets. We can help.

Assessment: Still in the pilot phase? Defining standards, models and methodologies from the onset can pay huge dividends. Use Real Soft, Inc's automation framework to help guide that decision and our experienced development resources to build those first bots/PoCs.

Implementation: The RPA boom has inflated supplier costs across the board. We recognize this as an opportunity to help you achieve scale at a reasonable cost. We've worked with RPA pioneers; and learned from them the best methods to scale.

Support & Evolve: Our clients with mature implementations are pushing towards self-service models and AI/ML solutions. Optimize and outsource your support model.