Safety Audit Inspection for Labs (SAIL)

Why use manual method for inspection when you can go mobile!

Today many pharmaceutical companies are using manual processes to inspect their Laboratories for safety compliance and record inspection observations. This manual method of inspection is tedious, inefficient, time-consuming, and requires inconvenient mode of data entry. The resultant unstructured / non-standard data capture requires further manual steps before any analysis, dissemination or reporting is feasible.

Realizing the necessity to automate Safety Inspection processes, Real Soft, Inc (RSI) has designed and developed a mobile (iPAD / Tablet and Smartphone) application, named SAIL. The ideas, suggestions, and business nuances leading to the design of this application are based on active cooperation and support from Analytical Chemistry department of Merck & Co. This is a highly customizable and configurable mobile application to cater to all the pharmaceutical companies' inspection needs. It is a very simple-to-use yet powerful touch-screen application that attempts to standardize the field observations.


  • Touch-Screen mobile application (iPAD/Tab and Smartphones)
  • Real-time data entry and upload
  • Trend analysis through graphical illustrations
  • Ability to capture and attach pictures from field observations
  • Laboratory configurations
  • Standard and customizable questionnaire
  • Instant report generation, both standard and customized
  • 5S certification compliance
  • Customizable email configuration
  • Secured application; controlled access to authorized users
  • Easy data storage, archival, and retrieval
  • Integration with existing back-office system
  • Advantages

  • Improves overall safety inspection initiatives and effectiveness
  • Reduces inspection time; automates observation guideline
    and report capture
  • Multi-user facility; enabling simultaneous inspections
  • Eliminates duplicate data-entry and report generation
  • Facilitates visual proof of non-compliant observations