Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Real Soft Inc offers a Non-Traditional engagement model dotECO for optimal client-vendor engagement. We also adopt a unique SmartSourcing mode of Traditional engagement which combines our Onsite, Offsite and offshore capabilities to derive the most optimum productivity and cost effective engagement.

We also provide professional services such as Staff augmentation to reduce costs and expense associated with recruiting, training and retaining your own IT staff.

Staff Augmentation


What is SmartSourcing?

Our “SmartSourcing” model enables us to apply a judicious combination of Onsite, Offsite and Offshore capabilities to derive the most optimum cost towards non-stop maintenance of your mission critical systems.

Delivery Model

We have taken cognizance of the fact that "One Size Fits All" is an outdated and often sub-optimal approach to a customer problem. We have maintained fully functional, highly scalable offsite and offshore facilities and practiced a SmartSourcing delivery model that can derive the best options for solving unique business issues.

We customize a solution to address your business challenges and stay focused to deliver the best possible ROI through our flexible Onsite/Offsite/Offshore delivery model. The SmartSourcing model helps us keep all the options open and configure a winning strategy for your particular situation.

With your business challenge as the primary driving force, the following is our approach to address best-of-breed solutions:

  • Evaluate
  • – Assess the situation

  • Analyze
  • – Examine the challenge and alternatives to meet it

  • Suggest
  • – Present viable alternatives and recommend the rationale behind our pick

  • ROI
  • – Project a realistic cost-benefit analysis and the pattern of ROI (Return-On-Investment)

    All the above steps can be performed in a few days or weeks, at most, with the sole objective of letting you make the best-informed decision. Best of all, you may not have to spend your financial resources or much of your valuable time to arrive at the decision. Once a decision is reached, we will follow our SmartSourcing model that you have endorsed in meeting projected goals.

    Why RSI SmartSourcing

  • Open and flexible Smartsourcing model offers the best of onsite/offsite/offshore
  • Free assessment and analysis towards best-match solution
  • Early projection of expected ROI
  • Little or no cost of knowledge transfer
  • Service with matching or better SLA
  • Commitment to Quality and Productivity
  • Predictable decrease in per unit development/maintenance cost
  • Best-of-breed functional and technology expertise
  • Assured cost savings and performance benchmarks
  • dotECO

    dedicated offshore team : EXTEND, CONTROL and OWN (dotECO)
    dotECO is a Client-Managed Dedicated Offshore Service. It is a unique and innovative software development offshore model, which functions as an extension of the Client’s in-house software development center.

    dotECO offers a full-fledged dedicated software development facility with skilled professionals to utilize as a virtual extension of your software development center. Just like your in-house shop, you can manage and control projects and resources in a highly secure environment, with lower cost and higher flexibility.

    In the look alike world of offshoring/outsourcing services,
    One Stands Out...dotECO

    dotECO from RSI is something new and important: a turnkey solution that dramatically increases your competitive advantage while it slashes your time to market.

    Leveraging its state-of-the-art development centers and expertise in product development, RSI provides a dedicated and secure offshore option that functions as an extension of the Client’s in-house software development center. Use it for application development, product development, R&D, Help Desk, and a number of related services.

    RSI enables the client to EXTEND their IT capacity, organization and environment. And they get to CONTROL and manage their software development projects, methodologies and processes. RSI also gives the client an option to OWN their assets, including resources at the end of a pre-agreed period. If the client decides to have their own facility or subsidiary sometime in the future, RSI will transfer the assets.

    Take advantage of a dedicated development center and talented workforce directly under your control to increase productivity and cost savings.

    Contact us at 609.409.3636 or email to marketing@realsoftinc.com to learn more about dotECO service.

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