RSI - Speech Enterprise Solution (SES)
RSI provides products and services that help enterprises minimize customer care costs, maximize revenue and brand equity, streamline business processes as well as improve efficiency. We design speech recognition solutions allowing customers self-service in a conversational format that expedites access to information.

“85% of consumers think speech recognition works satisfactorily or well, and 86% are happy to use it again” – Contact Center Realities, A Research Study by Genesys

Enterprises and their customers will benefit in the following form.
Customer satisfaction - Through automation, waiting times are reduced and fewer customers will need to be put on hold. Transactions can be handled efficiently, and typically take less time. At the same time, speech technology allows for user-friendly, personalized services to be developed.

Convenience and 24x7 access - Customers can have easy access to information from a toll free number. Although the customer is dealing with an automated system, the interactions are still completely personalized.

Cost reduction and increased revenues - Many routine calls can be automated completely using speech technology. This considerably reduces the cost of dealing as experienced contact center staff will spend less time on routine tasks, which means you can increase your call through with your current staff, thereby directly reducing bottom line costs and increasing revenues

Motive shoppers – Create a consistent “feel-good factor” – When customers feel good about their experience with a product, they feel good about the enterprise also. This helps to strengthen the company’s competitive advantage.

RSI has extensive experience in developing IVR applications ranging from DTMF to Natural Language Speech Recognition using VXML. Being ISO 9001-2015 certified and SEI-CMM Level 4 conformant, RSI assures disciplined solution-oriented processes and can help you find the perfect solution for your business. RSI provides customized speech recognition solutions, which consistently demonstrate excellent, Return on Investment.

Auto Attendant: is a Speech Enabled solution that provides small and mid-sized companies a cost effective way to handle and route incoming calls thereby presenting a consistent corporate image.

Store Locator: is a speech-enabled application that identifies the nearest store, based on the caller's location. Customers dial a toll-free number from any landline or mobile phone and find the nearest store location by giving their postal code – either U.S. zip code or Canadian postal code.

InstaAlert: enables instant delivery of time-critical information via multimodal devices. This solution is invaluable during last-minute shift schedule updates or sale announcements, bill and appointment reminders, upcoming schedules such as concerts, conventions, or sports events.

Call Center Automation: Increasingly, enterprises are looking to reduce the cost of customer service and support centers via automation. RSI’s can deliver cost-effective customized solutions.

Lead Generation and Capture: Retail vendors can use custom solutions to automatically gather name, address, contact numbers, and other important information of customers after the service (orders/deliveries) has been performed.

Order/Delivery Status: Using custom IVR application, the customer can be informed on the status of the order/delivery by speaking the order/tracking number. The retailer can also update the customer on any shipment delay.

Price and Product Availability: With custom designed voice prompts solution, the retailer can provide the customer product price and availability quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

Custom IVR solutions: With in-house speech consultants, RSI makes it easy to create customized IVR applications for industry specific requirement that typically addresses client needs.

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