Universal CTI

Universal CTI is an enterprise-level CTI messaging service that provides an open and easy way to provide seamless integration between agent-assisted service and self service application.

In an open environment, a call center solution may consist of multiple CTI servers in disparate locations from multiple vendors running multiple applications simultaneously. In such a situation, it's no longer possible to develop applications with custom interfaces to each one of these CTI servers, maintain the applications, and change applications as business requirements change without a dedicated staff to manage the various CTI interfaces.

Integrates with Avaya Dialog Designer (Eclipse framework based speech application development environment) thereby accelerating the time to deploy for enterprises seeking higher automation and a faster ROI for self service solutions. The purpose of Universal CTI is to provide a software bridge between the various computers and telephone systems in call center environments. Applications made possible by Universal CTI include screen pop, coordinated call-data transfer between agents and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration, which transfers caller-entered IVR information to agent desktop PCs.

By integrating computers and telephone systems, Universal CTI applications allow call centers to realize significant advances in both agent productivity and quality of customer service.

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