ReportCentral provides usage reporting and quality analytics which can help users monitor and analyze service volumes, assess service quality and gain valuable customer insight.

It's a Web-based tool that monitors voice platforms like IVRs, CTI Servers, ASR, TTS, Web servers, Trunks, Routing clients, Routers and Peripheral agents by collecting application and system health metrics. Data is captured from these sources in real time and migrated to data warehouse through ETL (Extract Transform Load) process and aggregated/summary reports are generated. These reports provide the required business analytics that can proactively enhance quality, performance and availability of contact center services.

AdmiReportCentral manages contact center activity by integrating real-time data monitoring, historical reporting and storage tools for maximum performance. Central uses industry standard SNMP protocol for fault reporting, configuration and proactive monitoring of voice applications and platforms. Provides call detail reports, application usage data, configuration management control, real-time and historic surveillance of IVR systems’ performance.

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