Packaged Applications


AutoAttendant is a speech enabled solution that provides small and mid-sized companies a cost effective way to handle and route incoming calls thereby presenting a consistent corporate image. Auto Attendant is installed behind a client's existing telephony infrastructure (PBX/Switch) to provide a speech-enabled interface to the callers. In addition, it provides employees with multiple call handling options and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for real-time management of incoming calls and messages.


StoreLocator is a speech-enabled application that identifies the nearest store, based on the customer's location. Callers dial a toll-free number and speak to an automated system in natural language instead of navigating through touch-tone options. The callers get the information about their desired store by simply giving their zip code (either U.S zip code or Canadian postal code). RSI developed its own custom grammar thus creating new prompts to increase the speech recognition rate.


The AddressCapture application provides a convenient and efficient way for organizations, to automate address capture from their callers. The application combines two technologies: database and speech recognition, to ensure that information is gathered in the most efficient way possible without the need for agent intervention or transcription.

Scheduling and Appointment Reminder(SetItUp!)

Scheduling and Appointment Reminder(SetItUp!) is a user friendly speech enabled application that provides a packaged solution for automating tasks such as scheduling, re-scheduling, canceling, or reminding clients of routine appointments. This application reduces staffing requirements and provides critical personnel with additional time to focus on actual client servicing.

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