Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

For several years, RSI has been providing offshore product development (OPD) services to independent software vendors (ISVs), software product development organizations including startups to help them achieve their goals.

We empathize with the process and the outlook that a Product Development Company maintains on developing a product, since we have designed our own range of renowned products (Avaya Certified), currently being utilized by several Fortune 1000 and Mid-Size companies worldwide. We have the experience of full product development life cycle, and we ensure on-time completion of each phase, which directly affects time to market, reducing support costs, enhancing product functionality and generating greater value to our end customers.

Thus, we strive to make sure that our offshore product development teams work in very close collaboration with the client's engineering team to realize their goals. This is one of the reasons why several companies have partnered with us for our offshore services to fulfill their engineering and maintenance needs across domains and technologies.

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